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Beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon is the perfect way to wrap up your suite and deliver to your guests. This embellishment will surely make them go WOW! With a large selection of colors, there is surely a color to compliment your suite beautifully.

Each Ribbon is 1.25” wide and hand-dyed. With it being hand-dyed, there might be a slight variation in color from spool to spool.

Please read all the information below:

Our ribbon will arrive on a spool. Each spool is approximately 32 yards of ribbon.


  • We suggest measuring how many inches you need for each invitation. (For a bow we suggest, 25-30 inches per invitations and for a ribbon tie, we suggest 17-19 inches; we always suggest measuring for yourself though to ensure you like the look before ordering)

  • Once you have that number, multiply that by the quantity of invitations you are needing.

  • You will then take that number and divide by 12. That will give you how many feet of ribbon you will need.

  • To get yards, take the amount of feet and divide it by 3. This will give the number of yards needed for your quantity of invitations. Once you have that number, you will order the amount of spools needed based off that yardage.

Please be sure you have plenty of extra ribbon. If your yardage estimate is close, it's best to always have that extra spool on hand.

  • Personalization Options
  • The Process
  • Questions?

All these can be customized:

  • An ink color of your choice from our color palette
  • Ivory or Bright White Paper Color
  • Single-Ply (120#) or Double-ply (240#) Paper Thickness
  • Your wedding information and wording for your suite
  • Printing Type (Digital, Letterpress, or Foil)

Once you place your order, you will be sent an email containing information for your client portal, where all your proofs will be sent. You will also get your questionnaire in that email that I will use to collect all your wording. Once that is complete, I will send a digital proof to your inbox within 5 business days (unless you add on a custom venue illustration; this will add 4 weeks to your proof timeline).

The production timelines below begin once your proof is finalized and approved for printing/production.


Digital Printing: 1-2 weeks after approval

Foil Printing: 3 weeks after approval

Letterpress Printing: 4 weeks after approval

If you have questions, we suggest checking out our process guide that walks you through the ordering process.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us on the contact form HERE. We are happy to walk you through things and answer any questions you have.